My Birthday Painting


Hi to everyone ,
Thank you all for the good wishes.
Just finished this & each time I look at it, it makes me feel happy! 🙂

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Hi all,I made the monster in the centre brighter, so just an update, thanks.


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This is my latest painting, inspired by my love of gaming.
I have created a scene using a few nurses from Silent Hill ,
One of the creatures from Dark Souls tripled & a little 2000 AD.
Mostly acrylics & a far cry from my usual work!
I know it’s on the dark side but I love it. It may never
be 100% finished. I’ve been a busy bee battling the fibro &
have more to show you soon . There is also a double meaning
in the title …. is it Scar City or Scarcity you decide

Thanks for your time &


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Crystal Cup




Hi to everyone , a little bit of whimsical fun today.
Hope you enjoy.

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Here’s  an unusual portrait of my Son.

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An Plateau Oilithrigh ( The Pilgrims Plateau ) 23 × 17 inches

The inspiration for this piece came from the tales of the Native American People.
In particular the story of the elders going to the mountain to die & with great accuracy
be able to predict the exact day of passing away.

Thus the saying “Today is a good day to die”
The belief behind this came from the close connection with
Nature & spiritual cleansing ritual. 
I wanted the piece to have a Celtic twist.
After climbing a steep set of steps the first sight is a Dolmen ( Celtic burial tomb ).
After walking under the Dolmen there is a simple bench, to sit & reflect for a while before
a short walk through a very simple Celtic doorway, the gateway between
this & the otherworld.
Hope you enjoy, bye for now .

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Frog Blog

Hi Everybody,

Hope this Valentine’s Day finds you all well.

Today’s piece is my first attempt to paint a creature. I was attracted to painting this from the wonderful varieties of colour on these tiny  tree frogs.

Little Prince Oil & Acrylic on Slate 16" X 14"

Little Prince
Oil & Acrylic on Slate
16″ X 14″

This little guy took approximately a month to complete. Using a slate, I  first painted the background with acrylics and washes and the frog himself by using oils.  The original background had been Indian Red colours which I changed to a mix of Cadmium Yellow  Indian Yellow and a touch of Sienna.

I believe it is quite fitting on this special day to post him for all the folks out there in our world who may wish they had a frog to kiss … just in case!

Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone !

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