St. Anger – The Artist’s Pain Chronicles (2)

St Anger, Batik 62 cm x 62 cm

St Anger,
62 cm x 62 cm

Somehow, to this day I can not recall how I woke up in hospital. I was battered, bruised and bleeding but at least I was breathing. I was given the usual tests, scans and x-rays and luckily there was nothing broken. The hospital staff went to task in treating my injuries swabbing, swathing, stitching and how so many stitches..!

Something needed to change, I took a long hard look at myself and I began to make the first steps into turning  my life around. Among other things, I concentrated on my health, my body was soon fit, I began working out. My life seemed to be  transforming until that is, the illness began.

The descent into fibromyalgia did not happen over night. I have found it to be a slow and malicious disability. First came the headaches, severe blinding headaches, worse than any I had ever experienced. Pain crawled from my right hand, up the arm, biting into in shoulder and clawing up my neck. White hot pain.

It did not pass or if it did it always returned. I visited my G.P.  The G.P. ran tests. The tests returned all clear. After 2 years of visiting the surgery I was told “There is nothing physically wrong with you.”

I left thinking “Am I crazy? Is this all in my head?” 

The Dr’s parting attitude had been that I should pull  myself together…. So I tried.

More Tomorrow

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