St. Anger – The Artist’s Pain Chronicles (part 3)

St Anger, Batik 62 cm x 62 cm

St Anger,
62 cm x 62 cm

I had set up a small business hand crafting slate. I had worked out a routine that involved Tai Chi and meditation to help deal with my body’s reaction to daily living. Things were not improving. I finally changed my G.P.

More x-rays, new scans, ultra-sounds, still nothing showed up. By this time despite being prescribed pain killers and anti-depressants I was in bits. My work gradually came to a stand still along with the rest of my life.  I could find no comfort in rest, if I slept at all I awoke feeling like my body had been beaten all over again.

The headaches persisted,  my right arm scarcely able to raise. The mirror reflected swelling on the right side of my head and the drooping of the right side of my face – it’s grey pallor tinged with purple and green. Naturally I assumed that I was experiencing a type of stroke. My doctor reassured me that this was not the case, that all was fine within me according to the scans.

My body disagreed. Its pain pushed on spreading to my spine,hips, legs and feet, a relentless tide against fistfuls of medication.

Tomorrow’s Installment – Specialist Treatment

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3 Responses to St. Anger – The Artist’s Pain Chronicles (part 3)

  1. Did the tai chi or meditation have any benefit (or perhaps that is coming in a future post, and I should just be patient and read on)? I’m trying to get back into a pattern myself, am planning to get back to being more disciplined in my yoga/tai chi/meditation (had gotten way off track after my accident several years back). Hope you eventually find something that works for you. I’m still awaiting confirmation of diagnosis.

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