Away with the Fairies

Primroses Oil on Slate

Oil on Slate

Hi, Today I am giving you flowers to say thank you for all the support and great feedback.

The inspiration for these primroses came from the gorgeous Irish Countryside. Masses grow  in fields, woodlands and along  side of  lanes every springtime. Primroses are said to be abundant in the land of Tir na nOg (the land of eternal youth) and those who return carry one as proof of their visit there.

One of the legends about a return from Tir na nOg  has been said to have happened in Co. Roscommon, not far from the spot where I came across the one’s in the picture whilst walking my dog.



Home Coming!

Hope you have enjoyed today’s blog, more art tomorrow

Slán abhaile


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Hi, Thanks for looking me up.Hope you like my work. I am an amateur artist, aspiring to professional. Please feel welcome to browse at any of the links below.
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5 Responses to Away with the Fairies

  1. |{3ÑZ!3 says:

    Thats pretty.

  2. bdh63 says:

    Lovely words, and love the flowers. 🙂

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