Face to Face

Djembe Hand Carved Slate 76 cm x 51 cm

Hand Carved Slate
76 cm x 51 cm

Hi Everyone,

When first picking up a slate, I also pick up a sense of its dimension, thickness and grain. I consider the negative space that will be created by carving that the slate lends itself to. This space will be backed by a mirror. I need to think of both it’s practicality and how pleasing it will be to the eye.

I have mentioned before my love of tribal art. The reason this particular design appealed to me was its symmetry. I like the idea that when someone is looking at it, they also reflected back looking at themselves whilst the two figures are simultaneously regarding and mirroring each other. It’s a circle of energy and one of my favorite slates!

Have a wonderful day! 


About mcsirishart

Hi, Thanks for looking me up.Hope you like my work. I am an amateur artist, aspiring to professional. Please feel welcome to browse at any of the links below.
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8 Responses to Face to Face

  1. Hanno Phenn says:

    What a Super Piece.I like it.

  2. buffalotompeabody says:

    We humans seem to love portraits, Portraits everywhere. This piece seems to be one portrait admiring another Or even engrossed in each other. Kind of the same way we are engrossed by portraiture. A beautiful piece.

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