Hi Everyone,  Hope you are all well and enjoying life.

I have been off line for a while and have some serious catching up to do with  you all!

The Return Oil on Canvas

The Return
Oil on Canvas

This is my first landscape using the Bob Ross Wet-on-wet technique in a while. It’s called “The Return” because it reflects the feelings of  getting my life back!

The last few months have been so busy for me what with one thing and another . Thankfully I have turned a corner for now with my health. This has given me the chance to do things that a while ago would have seemed impossible…

…being able to travel and spend time with family, getting to grips with my new camera with a crash course in photography and setting up a separate studio space for  the wet-on-wet and of course being creative!

It’s great to be back blogging and aim to do so twice a week  I want to thank everybody for the brilliant comments and support. You have done my confidence as an artist a power of good and helped me through some tough times.

So from the grey mists of the Midlands of the Emerald Isle

Slán Leat!

 And Watch this Space…




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Hi, Thanks for looking me up.Hope you like my work. I am an amateur artist, aspiring to professional. Please feel welcome to browse at any of the links below.
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16 Responses to Boomerang!

  1. ptero9 says:

    Welcome back! Glad you are feeling better.

  2. Glad to see you posting again!

  3. darsword says:

    Glad you have your life back. Love the painting! Welcome to bloggosphere!

  4. Hanno Phenn says:

    Welcome back my friend.

  5. tlohuis says:

    So glad you are back and feeling better. This picture is absolutely beautiful. You are very talented, my friend. Keep up the great work. I really enjoy seeing all your work. have a great day!

  6. Rebecca Eve Grant says:

    Hi! Glad to hear you’re back on track and feeling better 🙂 I’m just getting back to blogging after a big break too, wishing you all the best for the new year and your new endeavours.

  7. stuffeyefind says:

    I like your lines and water reflections in this. You are very inspiring and I’m happy your health is more stable.

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