Double Delight

Hi Everyone,

I would like to start today by saying thank you to all the people who welcomed me back. The warmth of well wishes truly surprised me.

Today’s piece I began in early November. The thinking was to give it to a much loved family member for Christmas.

Blossom on a Branch Oil on Canvas  10" X 8"

Blossom on a Branch
Oil on Canvas
10″ X 8″

I spent 3 or 4  hours everyday on it for weeks and then had to revert to Plan B for the gift idea.

The painting is only 10″ x 8″ and I found it extremely challenging as the flowers are lit from behind. I knew very little in the techniques to capture this so the process  was a learning curve.

The painting is now complete and I have to travel about 200 miles to deliver it.

Whilst photographing it for the blog, I decided to try the negative mode on the camera…

Blossom on a Branch Oil on Canvas  10" X 8"

Blossom on a Branch
Oil on Canvas
10″ X 8″

I have displayed them both so you can decide which  you prefer!

Hope you have  enjoyed today’s small offering.

Go Raibh Maith Agat

(Thank you)


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Hi, Thanks for looking me up.Hope you like my work. I am an amateur artist, aspiring to professional. Please feel welcome to browse at any of the links below.
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16 Responses to Double Delight

  1. Yelling Rosa says:

    Absolute attractive, thanks.

  2. tlohuis says:

    Very nicely done, again. Beautiful. I cannot decide which one I like the best. I like them both very much. Thanks for sharing.:)

  3. they are both great. I really like negative mode one!

  4. darsword says:

    Simply lovely! I love your work!

  5. stuffeyefind says:

    I like the yellows in the flowers. Your brush strokes are very precise it must take a lot of planning or preparation.

    • mcsirishart says:

      Hi, thanks so much for the reblog, I really appriciate this. The piece did take some time as I was learning a new technique by trail and error. I am happy that I stuck with it . I am pleased with the results and its brillant to get such positive feedback 🙂

  6. stuffeyefind says:

    Reblogged this on stuffeyefind and commented:
    Flowers are everywhere but to paint some requires a lot of work. I like his yellows they really pop.

  7. brilliant artwork
    after a while i’ve decided the blue background has a more natural feel and beauty about it

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