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To love a stone

Hi Everyone, here’s my offering for today. It is inspired by one of the most beautiful books ever written, “Siddhartha” by Hermann Hesse. For anyone who hasn’t read the book, I can highly recommend it. Basically, it tells (without giving too much … Continue reading

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Hi, This piece of hand-carved slate was given to my son when he was expecting his first child. I made a second for a friend in similar circumstances. It is called simply “Mother and Child”. It’s good to think that the work … Continue reading

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Hi, Today’s post is an oil of a snake lady. I have been experimenting with ideas around the Morrigan, triple aspect Celtic Goddess. The fact that there are similar archetypes of this goddess across cultures intrigues me. This design originated from wonderful illustrations by … Continue reading

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Away with the Fairies

Hi, Today I am giving you flowers to say thank you for all the support and great feedback. The inspiration for these primroses came from the gorgeous Irish Countryside. Masses grow  in fields, woodlands and along  side of  lanes every springtime. Primroses are … Continue reading

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Celtic Solstice

Hi, today I am posting one of my earlier works and was created by the layering of two slates to achieve this effect. I believe it is the perfect piece for today as it coincides with the last installment of St. Anger … Continue reading

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Love’s Far Horizon

Hi, The weather is beautiful here today with a bit of a breeze to take the edge off the heat. Today’s piece is a hand carved Blue Bagor slate on mirror called “Hope”. It is of a young woman on … Continue reading

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Hi, Today’s slate is called “Harvest”, basically the concept is gratitude, thanks and praise for reaped blessings. I remember at one craft fair, a woman told me that my hands must have been blessed by the angels to be able … Continue reading

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St. Anger

This is one of my earliest works that I created. It is Batik and taken directly from Metallica’s album cover “St. Anger“. I have been a huge Metallica fan for years now. The reason the fist is pointing up rather … Continue reading

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Here’s Looking at you – Mirror Image

Hi, hope you like today’s piece. I’ve always liked tribal art and these fella’s were irresistible! I’m keeping today’s blog short as am writing a piece about chronic pain for tomorrow.

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Let the Caged Bird Sing

Hi, Hope your enjoying the weather  – there’s a heat wave over here in Ireland at the moment. Today’s painting has a bit of a weird story story behind it. The fibromyalgia has been brutal this week, yesterday I could … Continue reading

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