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Hi, This is my latest painting, inspired by my love of gaming. I have created a scene using a few nurses from Silent Hill , One of the creatures from Dark Souls tripled & a little 2000 AD. Mostly acrylics … Continue reading

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Frog Blog

Hi Everybody, Hope this Valentine’s Day finds you all well. Today’s piece is my first attempt to paint a creature. I was attracted to painting this from the wonderful varieties of colour on these tiny  tree frogs. This little guy … Continue reading

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I will make the Nile swell for you…..

Hi Everyone, Today I hope you like the piece I am showing you. It is titled “Renenet” ( aka Renenutet). She is an Egyptian Goddess whose stare can destroy enemies! The Egyptians themselves had no fear of her for she … Continue reading

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Artistic Appetites – Paint Needs to be Eaten

Thanks for all your responses to my blog this week. I’m really happy. Today’s masterpiece (ha, ha, ha!) Paint Needs to be Eaten began as an experiment with my hopes of exploring abstract. Half way through, I was focusing on … Continue reading

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Creative Escape – The Cell

“The Cell” is an acrylic on canvass. The thought process that led to this work was born from the agonising pain of fibromyalgia. It carries the meaning of both a prison cell and a human cell. The interlocking bars of … Continue reading

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