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An Plateau Oilithrigh ( The Pilgrims Plateau ) 23 × 17 inches

The inspiration for this piece came from the tales of the Native American People. In particular the story of the elders going to the mountain to die & with great accuracy be able to predict the exact day of passing … Continue reading

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Dancing at Lughnasa

Hi, Today in the Celtic calender is Lughnasa, traditionally the beginning of the harvest season. It is named after Lu, God of Arts and Crafts who dedicated this festival to his foster mother Tailtiu, the last queen of the Fir Bolg. … Continue reading

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Too Hot for Pants!

Hi, this piece is perfect for today where the sun continues to split the rocks here in Ireland. It’s called “Skyclad” meaning to wear nothing but the sky. Celts fought in battle naked, bodies painted blue with woad and lime … Continue reading

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Celtic Ties – Knot so Bad!

Hi to everyone, today my blog contains 2 pieces of hand-carved slate. This particular Celtic design depicts the never ending knot. It symbolises one of the core Celtic beliefs- the natural cycle of all existence. Of birth, life, death and … Continue reading

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Mirroring Mythology – Celtic God Lu

I have learned every slate owns unique personality with its grain and thickness . Lu was  hand carved from a single piece of reclaimed 200 year old Blue Bangor slate. Blue Bangor being the best quality there is. The sense of … Continue reading

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