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My Birthday Painting

Hi to everyone , Thank you all for the good wishes. Just finished this & each time I look at it, it makes me feel happy! 🙂

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Frog Blog

Hi Everybody, Hope this Valentine’s Day finds you all well. Today’s piece is my first attempt to paint a creature. I was attracted to painting this from the wonderful varieties of colour on these tiny  tree frogs. This little guy … Continue reading

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Double Delight

Hi Everyone, I would like to start today by saying thank you to all the people who welcomed me back. The warmth of well wishes truly surprised me. Today’s piece I began in early November. The thinking was to give it to a … Continue reading

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Galaxy of Love

Hi, This is my latest piece and my second painting of Deep Space. It has taken 3 weeks work and I am very happy with it. On the other hand I am slightly disappointed because the best photo I could take does … Continue reading

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Go with the flow

Hi, Today’s painting is a Bob Ross technique of wet-on-wet oil on slate.  Although I started painting on slate through necessity  I now find thatI prefer it. Canvas is a relatively smooth surface, the slate is a little more unpredictable. … Continue reading

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Let the Caged Bird Sing

Hi, Hope your enjoying the weather  – there’s a heat wave over here in Ireland at the moment. Today’s painting has a bit of a weird story story behind it. The fibromyalgia has been brutal this week, yesterday I could … Continue reading

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Hi Everyone, Today’s piece is titled “Lost”. It is an oil on canvas and was using Bob Ross wet-on-wet technique. I painted this whilst living in a beautiful part of  Co. Roscommon called “Castlestange”. I loved it there because of … Continue reading

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Rainy Days and Bad Days

Hello to all today – hope you are having a good one. Life can be very trying at times and today is one of those days for me, I’ll tell you more shortly… Today’s piece is called “Rainy Day Cafe”. … Continue reading

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