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An Plateau Oilithrigh ( The Pilgrims Plateau ) 23 × 17 inches

The inspiration for this piece came from the tales of the Native American People. In particular the story of the elders going to the mountain to die & with great accuracy be able to predict the exact day of passing … Continue reading

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Creative Escape – The Cell

“The Cell” is an acrylic on canvass. The thought process that led to this work was born from the agonising pain of fibromyalgia. It carries the meaning of both a prison cell and a human cell. The interlocking bars of … Continue reading

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Lotus Love?

As promised a painting a day for the next week. I have in mind a work based on the Celtic Morrigan, a triple Goddess of War, Life and Death. The fact that the triple Goddess concept appears across time throughout … Continue reading

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