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Face to Face

Hi Everyone, When first picking up a slate, I also pick up a sense of its dimension, thickness and grain. I consider the negative space that will be created by carving that the slate lends itself to. This space will be … Continue reading

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Today I am showing you a piece of my earliest work. I had become frustrated with using water colours  (I now realise that I was only beginning to understand how paint works). At the time I discovered contrasting and the … Continue reading

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Eggs-playin’ Pollock

Hi to Everyone and a sincere thanks to the response my blogs have generated. You’re doing wonders for my confidence! Today’s piece is simply a laugh and I hope it makes you smile at the start of the week. About … Continue reading

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Everyone needs Space

Hi Today I am sharing Galaxy 1 with you, it is my first attempt at painting deep space. I have always been fascinated by the skies, stars and beyond. I feel that this maybe a naive depiction of the elegance, … Continue reading

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