Little Angels

Little Angel Hand Craves Slate on Mirror 40 cm x 22cm

Little Angel
Hand Craves Slate on Mirror
40 cm x 22cm

Hi Everyone, Today I am showing you a simple but effective design that I used to create two slates, one large and this smaller version.

The first was quite difficult because the slate was rather different than the slate I had been used to working with. It was 1 – 1 and a half inches thick with a lot of different grains and texture.

This slate was given to  a friend in memory of their son (R.I.P.). This smaller slate was given to another friend for helping us in a time of need.

Thanks to everyone for their well wishes regarding my health, had an injection last night and seem to be on the mend. Off to turn on the tunes and paint, I will catch up with you all then!

Have a lovely day 🙂

Thanks again !

About mcsirishart

Hi, Thanks for looking me up.Hope you like my work. I am an amateur artist, aspiring to professional. Please feel welcome to browse at any of the links below.
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11 Responses to Little Angels

  1. Hanno Phenn says:

    Very moving and very touching .I love it .

  2. darsword says:

    The little angel is so sweet. Your talent is awesome!

    What kind of shot? Is it for fibro or RA or??? Anyway, glad you are on the mend.

    • mcsirishart says:

      Thanks for your kind words,just a shot of tramadol.I rang the G.P twice because I could barely walk,they said they would get back to me,they didn’t,had to call Emergency Doc instead,such is …. 🙂

      • darsword says:

        My doctor doesn’t get back to me either. So annoying, especially when you are in extreme pain! So do you have side effects with tramadol? Are you able after to get back into life?

      • mcsirishart says:

        Sorry for the delay in responding.I personally don’t have any side effects,for me the injection relaxes the muscles for a while & reduces my body’s tendency to cramp in on itself,therefore easing the pain.I got my shot on Friday & was able to do some light work & chores since.The emergency Doc confirmed what I know,it’s a temporary fix & I have to see my G.P. to review my meds. Hope you find some comfort soon.

      • darsword says:

        Thanks for responding. I know life gets busy (or we are curled into a bed for a bit). I don’t think your Rx will work for me as I feel more in my bones than muscles. Crazy how these pains affect us all so differently. Nice to know that works for you so quickly. Health to you, my friend!

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